Distinctive Gateway Signs

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Take a look at your gateway sign. What does your sign say about your community?

Gateway Signs

Gateway signs (also called welcome signs) are often placed at state, county, town and city limits. They are often found at the front of large residential developments and tourist attractions too. Gateway signs are the first thing that greets visitors. They act as landmarks for passersby and draw attention to the special aspects of a local area. It’s a sign type where distinction means everything.

Here’s a custom-crafted gateway boulder sign that we designed and installed in McGregor, Texas. It’s an impressive sight for all to see entering the city limits. Standing at 8 feet tall and 17 feet wide, and weighting in at approximately 23,000 pounds. Definitely a landmark!

A gateway sign can feature the regional, town, city, development or attraction name. Sometimes they feature something symbolic to the area, such as an emblem or crest or even an accreditation or sponsoring organization logo. Materials used range from metal and plastic to wood and other natural materials. Most are often illuminated for visibility, day or night.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a growing trend of many municipalities and large developments opting for natural boulder signage due to the sophisticated statement made, while being 100% natural, aesthetically pleasing and extremely low maintenance.

Why spend on large gateway signage?

First impressions mean so much. Stately gateway signs say something about the communities, developments and tourism attractions they feature. They set the tone. They are characteristic of what you will find beyond the welcoming sign.

What does your current gateway sign or lack there of say about you?

Hear what internationally renowned change-agent, tourism and downtown revitalization expert Roger Brooks has to say on the importance of on point gateway signage.

There can be much to consider for state, city, town and development project teams tasked with updating or sourcing gateway signage. Overcoming the hurdles of signage permits, inspections and logistics is sometimes frustrating. For some even designing a gateway sign is a pain point. That’s where our Boulder Designs team comes to the rescue. We provide turnkey gateway signage solutions from concept to installation.

stone signage-entry way signage

As experts in gateway signs, we can’t wait to help your community, development or attraction make a statement with distinctive welcoming signage. It’s just what we do.

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