North Carolina Monument Signs

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Looking for a North Carolina Monument Signs Vendor?

Monument signs are road signs that border towns, cities, neighborhoods, developments and more. They are the first thing to greet visitors. They act as landmarks for passersby and draw attention to the special aspects of a local area. As a North Carolina monument signs vendor, we know they are a sign type where distinction means everything.

Did you know for towns and cities monument signs are often in locations that offer a less-than desirable first impression of the community. Kicking that first impression up a notch and helping lay the ground work for how visitors judge what they see around it, and just after it, can be a game changer.

What does your current first impression say about your town, city, neighborhood or development? Read more about why they are so important via Destination Development Association.

How Do You Know Which Monument Sign Is Best?

How do you know which monument sign is the best option? It depends on the specific goals you’d like to achieve with the signage. For example:

  • improved first impression or overall image
  • low maintenance
  • illumination
  • recognition
  • landmark distinction
  • aesthetically pleasing for natural environment
  • pride of ownership
  • wayfinding and visibility
  • bringing attention to a new property, sell sites/properties faster
  • keeping with¬†ordinance standards
  • and more

In our experience, goals are different from job to job for monument signage (also called gateway signage or entrance signage), but these points go across the board – everyone wants attractive, well-maintained (often easy to maintain as well), large enough to make a statement and a great first impression.

Check out a recent blog we did on the powerful statement monument boulders provide.

See monument boulder examples.

Curious what a monument boulder would look like and cost for your town, city, neighborhood or development? We make gorgeous monument signage easy with turnkey solutions – including design, signage permits, inspections and logistics. From concept to installation, we’ve got it covered. Let’s chat.


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