Perfect Real Estate Closing Gift

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Hey North Carolina Realtors, Looking for a Perfect Real Estate Closing Gift?

A Perfectly Unique Gift?

The perfect real estate closing gift just might be a window to referrals for years to come and create a local evangelist for your real estate services! The hard part is figuring out exactly what that perfectly unique closing gift might be. lists the best and worst buyer and seller closing gifts. Among the worst are a bottle of wine (or anything) with the agent’s picture, kitchen gadgets and dinner out with the agent. The leading best gift idea is a truly personalized gift. Something thoughtful, curated and with that specific client in mind. Something truly memorable!

Think, think, think… But what could be truly memorable and not involve real estate agents stalking clients on social or following them around like a secret agent on reconnaissance? We have the perfect thing, and good news, you don’t have to be a ninja to pull it off! A custom engraved name or address stone landscape boulder!

The Perfect Real Estate Closing Gift Idea

Homeowners love our custom-crafted solid stone name and address boulders. They’re the perfect way to commemorate the exciting event of closing on a new home, whether a first home, an upgrade to a larger home for a growing family or an empty nester downsize! Landscape boulders are a beautiful heartfelt housewarming gift for all to see and the first personalization for the homeowner’s new landscape!

Ordering is easy and our turnaround times are super quick! Most times, less than a week and just in time for closing day!

Our special realtor gift boulders are as follows:

12 x 24 | Gray or Brown Stone | 40-45 lbs

22 x 24 | Gray or Brown Stone | 60-65 lbs

Ready to get your client’s perfect closing gift on order? Just give our team a call or shoot us an email.


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